Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Blog Direction


As previously mentioned my Blog will be changing in the coming months. I hope that the changes will help me provide new content on a frequent basis and keep things interesting by covering a variety of topics.

As some of you may know, this blog was designed to highlight my paper crafting hobby as it relates to my Close To My Heart Independent Consultant Business; however, over time I have discovered a vast variety of crafts and cannot contain my creativity to just one crafty type. Therefore, I have decided to expand the topics discussed on this blog to all things crafty and life related.

The majority of my posts will focus on paper crafting, organization, DIY, home decor, cake decorating, and life in general. I will still have current information related to my CTMH business on the side bar but my intent is to increase my postings to include more project related topics. As always, for information on current CTMH promotions, you can visit I will, however, post artwork and information related to project classes I hold.

Additionally, starting September 1, 2012, I have decided to designate each day of the week for specific topics/projects.

Monday - "Making It Monday"
Tuesday - "Sketchy Tuesday"
Wednesday - "Well Wishes Wednesday"
Thursday - "This & That Thursday"
Friday - "Sweet Friday"
Saturday - “Squeaky Clean Saturday”
Sunday - OFF (no posting to be expected)

Features of each day:

Make It Monday's will be dedicated to posts related to DIY home projects. I have really become interested in repurposing items to make them fit my liking and I would love to start documenting the transformations.

Sketchy Tuesday's will be dedicated to sharing those creations that interpret the sketches and other inspiration found across the net. 

Well Wishes Wednesday's will be dedicated to card projects. Since I am mostly a card-maker I need to ensure I take the time to share my projects with the world!

This & That Thursday's will be dedicated to whatever I feel like chatting about or sharing with my readers. Everyone needs a chance to say what’s on their mind.

Sweet Friday's will be dedicated to posts related to my cake decorating and other yummy creations. I have recently become quite intrigued by cake decorating, candy making, etc. and I'm ready to share it with you!

Squeaky Clean Saturday’s will be dedicated to posts related to organization. I love the feeling of being organized. I also love reading tips and ideas from others for an organized life. With my move, organization will play a huge role in getting me settled. Sharing my organization adventures will keep me on top of staying organized and hopefully offer tips to you for your organization tasks. 

My intent with the designated topics for each day of the week is that I will keep active with my blog and hopefully provide something interesting for all audiences. I also hope to have guest bloggers for some of these segments from time to time.

I know it is not very realistic for me to think I can go from hardly posting to posting on a daily basis in a snap so with the help of some blogging pals I am going to ease into my new idea. I intend to start out with Making It Monday, Well Wishes Wednesday, and Sweet Friday. As I get into a routine of creating new projects to share I will begin posting daily re: the topics mentioned.

Sooooo....what do you think of the idea? Am I crazy to want to post everyday with everything else going on? Wish me luck!


Until next time!

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