Sunday, February 17, 2013

On a Budget Series – Part 7: Ways to Make Your Dollar Stretch Further

Hello! As part of my “On a Budget” Series, today we are discussing ways to make your dollar stretch further.
  • Couponing
    • Obviously this is a great way to get more for your money and help your money last longer.
    • Going to the store with a menu plan and ingredients list
    • This way you don’t find yourself throwing random products in your cart because you can’t decide what you want.
  • Shop a thrift stores or during big sales
    • There are obviously some items you cannot get at a thrift store but when given the choice you can save a lot of funds by shopping at thrift stores. Shopping local sales is also a great way to get more for your money. However, shopping at thrift stores and sales can become addicting when there are tons of good deals to be had, I definitely get a thrill when I calculate how much I saved. It’s important to make sure the items you are putting in your cart are items you need and will use.
  • Buy in bulk when possible
    • Warehouse clubs generally provide a great discount by selling items in bulk. Just make sure the items you are purchasing will not expire before you can use them and be sure to compare other store ads to make sure the per item price is less than buying in regular quantities.
  • Participate in Food Co-Op programs
    • If you are willing to try new vegetables and fruit and freeze meat, Food Co-Op programs can provide a great savings to your food expenses.
  • Save and eat leftovers
    • Some people are not a fan of eating leftovers but not only will you save time by only having to cook a few meals per week, but you will save money by not having to use as much resources to create multiple meals.
  • Shop through reward sites
    • If shopping online, begin and complete your shopping through sites, like, that reward you for shopping. You won’t get rich but at least you’ll earn a return on purchases you were already going to be making.

I hope you enjoyed my “On a Budget” Series. 

Be sure to check back at the conclusion of each month to see where my financial health re-vamp stands and what I have to share about my journey. I would also love to hear updates of how you are doing on your financial journey.

 Until next time!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

On a Budget Series – Part 6: Ways to Earn Extra Income

Welcome back to my “On a Budget” Series. Today I’m discussing, more like brainstorming, various ways to earn extra income – legal ways of course!
  • Get a 2nd job
    • If you currently work M-F, think about the possibility of getting a part-time weekend job.
    • You can also look at work-at-home companies such as Close to My Heart to provide additional income with a less “corporate” structure.
    • If you are crafty or handing in a specific trade, offer your services through classified ads either in the newspaper or online. It never hurts to see if anyone needs your assistance.
  • Purge closets and cupboards to gather items for a garage sale.
    • Garage sales are a great way to earn you extra income and accomplish some spring cleaning. It’s also a great way to find stuff you forgot you had J.
    • If you find better than garage sale items, list them on eBay or Craigslist to gain a higher return on your item than a garage sale may bring.
  • Complete surveys and join focus groups
    • There are tons of sites that offer payment for survey and focus group involvement. You’ll have to verify that the company is legit before signing up but taking a few moments out of your day could provide additional income.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

Check back tomorrow for “On a Budget Series – Part 7: Ways to Make Your Dollar Stretch Further”

Until next time!
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