Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gap In Posts...Possible...

My intentions were to have 1 post everyday of new crafty creations. However, some things have changed and I wasn't able to get all that crafty this past weekend.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years lost his job on Friday. So being crafty was far from my list of priorities this past weekend. On top of that, today I started a new online course for my Bachelor's Degree that is very demanding. For an elective, it sure demands some serious time and a lot of writing. The class due dates are also different from all of my past courses with University of Phoenix which puts a major cramp in my weekend schedule. Oh the joys of being a full-time (and part-time - CTMH) worker, student, and mom!

I'm attending a Crop Event this Saturday (after my homework is done of course) so I'm hoping to get some more projects done so I can resume posting.

Wish me luck (and I'll pass it on to my b/f in hopes for an awesome new job)!

Until next time!

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