Friday, February 15, 2013

On a Budget Series – Part 5: Budget Workbooks

Hello. Today we are discussing Budget Workbooks as part of my “On a Budget” Series. 

There are tons of free files on the Web related to personal budgeting and finance, or you can simply create your own in MS Excel or another database or spreadsheet program. Although I am pretty efficient in MS® Excel, I see no point in reinventing the wheel so when I started envisioning my financial tracker I decided to look to the Web to see if there was a file already created that would give me a good start.

Today, I’m sharing the budget workbook that I am currently using to track and improve my financial health in its original form from the original creator.

My actual 2013 Personal Finance and Budget Workbook incorporates a variety of edits to provide a better tracking solution for my particular situation so don’t be afraid to use an already existing document as a starting point for your tracking needs. Over-time you can develop it into the perfect solution for you.

Feel free to join in if you’d like to share your budgeting tips and/or progress.

Check back tomorrow for “On a Budget Series – Part 6: Ways to Earn Extra Income”

Until next time!

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