Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scraproom Updated AGAIN!!!

I did it again...I reogranized my Scraproom! I shifted around some rooms so my boyfriend could have his own office and I could have the large Den all to myself!!!

Although I finally picked up my paint colors, I still need to actually paint all of the walls. I know, not too smart assembling everything and putting it in its place before the walls are painted. I figure I'll just paint the lazy way (i.e. move all the furniture to the center of the room and keep all the screws I'm using in place on the wall). Now I just have to find time and convince my boyfriend that painting is really a necessity!

Now for the BIG Reveal...

Overall View & My Workspace

TV Area
TV Area
TV Area

My Stamp, Copic, & Punch Zone
Stamp Zone
Stamp Zone

Ink Pad Storage:
Ink Pad Storage

Punch Storage:
(I'm waiting on one more of these so I can put up the rest of my Wooden Stamp Holders and my Punches.
Punch Storage

Copic Storage:
Copic Storage

CTMH Stamp Storage: (sorted alphabetically)
CTMH Stamp Storage

My Flirty Robe's Home
Flirty Apron

Loose Ribbon & Chipboard Letter Storage
Loose Ribbon
Chipboard Storage

Paper Racks Galore
I store my CTMH Kits here...
CTMH Paper Racks
CTMH Paper Racks

CTMH and misc. cardstock.
Paper Racks
Paper Racks
Paper Racks

Cricut Mats
Cricut Cutting Mats

Glitter Mists & Misc. Odds & Ends
My Doodlebug Flock and Glitter bottles are located in the little drawers. I still need to decide on a paper to insert in the drawers so they aren't so bland.
Doodlebug Storage

Cricut Expression, Cuttlebug, and Zutter Tools
Cutter Tools
Cutter Tools

Jetmax Storage Cubes for Paper and Misc. Items
Jetmax Cubes

Stickles & Scent My Cards Storage

More Ribbon Storage
Ribbon Storage

My Future Paint Colors
Future Paint Colors

I hope you enjoyed my BIG Reveal! Most of the storage solutions have been covered in previous posts so you can visit the Organization or Storage Label for more information - or feel free to post a comment with your question(s).

Of course I'll have another update once the paint is actually on the walls!
Until next time!

1 comment:

coachfans said...

What a great room that you have and it appears to be well organized. I am sure it is easy to be creative and I look forward to seeing the projects you post.

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